Monday, June 19, 2017

The Worst Reading Slump I've Ever Experienced

This month, I hadn't hit any books until I added Yasmine Galenorn's Fury Rising on June 13th. Neither did May--I read nothing on May. I was like, oh well. Reading slump is an eternal problems for readers, I think every reader has been in a slump or two. I usually entered this slump when I was done with my exams or on holiday. Weird, isn't it? On holidays, I binge on TV series or indulging one Korean drama title, and I read as little as possible. But they usually only last 3-4 weeks, and then I'll have this itch to start again. Not only reading slump, I also got into this blogging slump. I admit, I'm having a difficulty getting my mood back for blogging--especially reviewing a book.

One day, a friend from a WhatsApp group sent a picture. The Stages of The Reader picture depicts several stages of a reader, in general. Basically, these 9 stages start from discovering books and ends (hopefully) in passing them to the next generation.



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