Monday, April 10, 2017

#BBIHUT6: Contemporary Romance Authors Worth Translating

To be honest, I actually planned to make a post about my reading habit, haha. But yesterday evening, I went to a bookstore near campus. Although I wouldn't actually buy a book (I'm broke XD), it didn't keep me from wandering towards their novels section. And then, I found several books, contemporary romances, that I think is... less stellar than the ones I know. Contemporary romances, translated to Indonesian, tend toward the 'more known' authors. Even though now that I think about it, some of them I never heard before. But I'm just a speck of dust in the reading world, what did I know?

So, last night before I went to bed, I actually thought, why is Lauren Blakely never get translated? Her books are amazing. And Kristen Proby? When I really ponder it, they're definitely tamer than Sylvia Day in terms of hot scenes. I know that Romance has greater readers here than, let's say, Fantasy. And I think, rather than those books with half-assed editors working on them (sometimes even I, who's not a total grammar or typo Nazi, was wondering where the hell was the editor? Didn't they work on these books before they were published??!), publishers will get more readership if they publish more translated romances. I also think that it's good that Indonesian authors, new or otherwise (romance, especially), have been so active. I know that not all readers like translated books, but I also saw that more titles are getting translated. And I also know that censorship is still such a huge deal here. How are we going to censor the translation on Fifty Shades of Grey without half the book losing its story? *grimace

And this is just my humble opinion. Maybe, maybe if one of the big people in publishing read this article, they'd consider to give these authors a try. I could be a little biased, but hell. I'm their fan and I'm just pimping them XD

1. Kristen Proby
Recommended books: Fusion Series, Boudreaux Series

Kristen Proby has a mainstream writing style. But her stories are full of feelings and hot scenes? Not so much that it would burn the pages. Speaking as an Indonesian reader, her books are probably going to be bestselling here, or at the very least a favorite, since they're light but still very romantic. Translating them also won't be a problem, I don't think we have to censor too much. Two series I mentioned above, I only read Fusion. But I heard good things about Boudreaux too.

2. Jennifer L. Armentrout/J. Lynn
Recommended books: Wait For Me series, Till Death, Gamble Brothers

Jennifer, on her contemporary line, is my favorite. Wait for Me is geared for new adult readers, while Till Death is a thriller. The characters are always well-written, the stories intriguing, and overall, I rarely, if ever, found something disappointing.

3. Sawyer Bennett
Recommended books: Cold Fury Hockey Series

What I love about Sawyer Bennett is that she always conveys so much feelings on her books. On Cold Fury, the hockey world is not just a background and the romance is never boring. On Finding Kyle (read my review), I felt Kyle's turmoil and his self-loathing. Her characters are always colorful and faceted, and she's a great author.

4. L.H. Cosway
Recommended books: Heart Series, Rugby Series (collaborating with Penny Reid)

What can I say? Lorraine is one of my top favorites. She makes her Irish heroes so...yummy. Her books lean toward sweet rather than bold. But the characters, the stories, and the extra elements (like music, movies, even magic) she writes into her books are captivating. I admit, I almost never got bored and satisfied with the books.

5. Erin Watt (collaborative work of Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy)
Recommender books: Royals Series

So high school, but with more developed dramas and no half-assed stories either. A little bit like Mean Girls, complete with the high school meanies. I also recommend both authors. I haven't read any of Jen's books, but I tried Elle Kennedy and she fits my taste. More new adult, so don't worry, it's not scorching hot or anything. Both are pretty well known in the con-rom circle.

If and when Indonesian readers want something bolder and spicier, I'd recommend Penelope Ward, Jay Crownover, L.J. Shen, C.D. Reiss, and even Pepper Winters.

So, if any of you happen know that these authors' works are being translated to Indonesian, let me know :) And tell me which author you'd like to see being translated?


  1. Kalau romance enaknya memang baca yg nggak ditranslate. Kalau udah diterjemahkan kadang suka aneh jadinya

    1. ya kalau ini tinggal preference aja menurutku sih hehe. tapi aku juga setuju

  2. hmm... TFS ya. jadi banyak punya pilihan author romance baru.

  3. Wah ada yang thrilleeer. *brb masukin wishlist

  4. Wah, belum pernah dengar semua tuh...

    1. mungkin bisa dicoba :) kalo ngga males baca ebook sih haha


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