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Wrapping Up 2016: Memorable Books

Last year, I managed to read 94 books, though I targeted only 85 books. This year, sadly, I just targeted 60 books to read. Of course, every year, there are memorable books that I love. Why I say memorable? These books, long after my initial first time, I still read and read again when I get stuck with reader block.

I read, again, mainly romance last year. Like The Wall of Winnipeg and Me (read my review). Mariana Zapata's brand of slow-burn romance somehow got to me, and I love every part of this book.

Aiden Graves and Vanessa Mazur start as employer-employee. I admit, Aiden is a jackass at the start, but little by little, as the story progresses, it just shows that Aiden doesn't like to talk much and he's pretty quiet.

Though Aiden is a pro-football player, the sport aspect isn't much, so it's not exactly a sport romance. The football is only a background set for Aiden. The book also made me smile with Vanessa and Zach (Aiden's other housemate) antics. And so, though the romance part is not hot and heavy, I still love this book.

Another romance that I fell in love with was Radiance by Grace Draven (read my review). The first book of Wraith Kings series, tt's a paranormal romance, the story of a human and a Kai. Kai is a human-like race, but with gray skin, claw-tipped fingers, magic, and nocturnal nature.

A human noblewoman, Ildiko, is forced into a marriage with a Kai prince, Brishen. Though at first they were scared with each other's different nature, Ildiko grows to love her husband. It was sprinkled with a magic land, crazy mother-in-law, sweet tenderness, and also, deadly enemies.

I haven't managed to read Eidolon, book two of this series. But Radiance was such an enjoyable read, it gripped me from the first page up until the last page. The characters of this book are pretty unconventional but very very interesting.

Honor by Jay Crownover is the first book of her new series, The Breaking Point. Set on the Point, from Jay's previous books, Honor centers on Nassir Gates and Keelyn Foster. Nassir is the underground lord of The Point. Keelyn was one of his strippers, but ran away when she was nearly killed.

Nassir is obsessed with Keelyn, but of course, he's just a man in love. His feelings don't go unrequited, since Keelyn has been in love with him too. Their lives are dangerous. Nassir will always be targeted by people who want to kill him, and the only way to hurt Nassir is Keelyn.

The danger and violent nature in this book, surprisingly, drew me. Honor didn't feel like Jay's other books. It's more...dark. Edgier. Nassir is a dark man, and Keelyn is also a dangerous woman *cue Ariana Grande's song* She's more than capable to give back what Nassir gives her. This kickass couple is now on my list of favorite couple, and I can't hardly wait for their next appearance.

Oooh, where do I start? There are many things I like from this book, this new series. A Promise of Fire, this first book of the Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet, offered me a new variation of Greek mythology, laced with magic realms and a warlord who's so ruthless yet so kind and a mouthy but thoughtful heroine.

Catalia has been hiding the fact that she's a Kingmaker. A woman who can detect a lie and gains the truth, though this doesn't come without its share of grief. Griffin, a souther warlord, has just invaded a magic realm though he's not exactly a magic user. He's determined to get Cat for his newly reigned family as a weapon. But his determination is also because he's wildly attracted with Cat too. But Cat is hiding deadly secrets, things that would put Griffin in danger.

As like other books, this book comes with mixed reviews. Mostly, I love this book. There are cliches and some of the scenes are just predictable. I like the characters, and I also like the world this book sets in. The gods are pretty hands-on, and because I always love Greek mythology, A Promise of Fire is a breath of fresh air when I got too bored with Contemporary Romance.

So, those are my most memorable books. There are several more that I liked during 2016, though most of the books I read just fell flat into the category of 'typical' and 'not so memorable'. Some of the books I just can't remember fully, because they didn't give me lingering feelings after reading them. Well, except relief that I read one more.

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